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Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a game based on the recent movie
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Wanted: Weapons of Fate is a game based on the recent movie. Unlike the movie, the game follows a rather similar path but the idea is the same. You are the son of a very-skilled and gifted assassin who has died in the line of "duty." However, you don't know anything the truth about him and you only do when the organization approaches you. From that moment on, it's up to you to discover the truth. Now, the game is actually very good considering it is a game based upon a movie. The game plays from a third person perspective. The characters are well designed and resemble those on the big screen. The change of plot servers a good purpose, since you are able to play missions as your father and yourself. The one aspect of the game you will be waiting for is the ability to curve bullets. In the movie, you see how the skilled assassins can shoot in ways which defy physics. In the game, you get to play with that. The controls allow for a rather good control of all the shooting and covering. All objects are good for taking cover and you can even devise your plans before you get out of cover. For instance, you can select the trajectory of a bullet before you even stand up off a cover element, and then just execute the shot. It is quite challenging to master, but it is fun nonetheless. I mentioned the character models, but every little detail in a game seems polished. The sound is also great. Shooting and being shot sounds nice with the volume on high. The game is quite long too. If only Angelina could be there sitting next to you to guide you.

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  • Great graphics
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  • Great fire-fights


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